Mason Proffit “Wanted”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#598 in the Series) is Mason Proffit, Wanted.

The Mason Proffit name is quite well known in these Chicago parts. I’m really not so sure outside of this market. I look forward to hearing from those not in our backyard.

Mason Proffit was a mid to later 60s to early 70s band that was founded and fronted by the Talbot brothers, Terry and John-Michael. They both played guitar and supplied the writing and the vocals.

They were actually one of the originators of country-rock.  It would be nice to see their name included more when someone tosses out names on the subject.  They really should be recognized more.

One song that you may recognize is their classic tune, ‘Two Hangmen.’ Now does the name Mason Proffit jump out at you a little better?

That song still gets airplay and it’s very well deserved.

John-Michael and Terry have continued to make music to this day. They’ve made a nice name for themselves singing about their faith. They’ve been honored with numerous Grammy and Dove Awards.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. Voice Of Change
  2. A Rectangle Picture
  3. You Finally Found You Love
  4. Sweet Lady Love
  5. Stewball
  6. Two Hangmen
  7. Buffalo
  8. Walk On Down The Road
  9. It’s All Right
  10. Till The Sun’s Gone
  11. Johnny’s Tune


  • John-Michael Talbot – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
  • Terry Talbot – Guitar, Jew’s-Harp, Percussion, Vocals
  • Tim Ayers – Bass
  • Rick Durrett – Piano
  • Johnny Frigo – Fiddle, Violin
  • Art Nash -Drums
  • Ron Schuetter – Guitar, Vocals
  • Bill Traut – Producer


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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Michael Lawrence (08 Jan 2012, 19:27)

    It should be noted that Mason Proffit is from Indianapolis not Chicago. They adopted Chicago for higher visibility and an enhanced reputation.

  2. Emily (09 Jan 2012, 9:48)

    I never heard of them, but this one song seems promising.

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