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Today’s Cool Album of the Day is the self-titled debut from “Ambrosia.”

Ambrosia was better known in later albums for melodic hit ballads. Which if done well, isn’t a bad thing. And they did them quite well.But this was a little different.

Their 1975 debut release was a little more progressive with a little space age tossed in.

This album did quite well too. Two singles charted. ‘Holdin’ On To Yesterday’ reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and ‘Nice, Nice, Very Nice’ reached #63 but was even more received as an FM hit.

As an album, “Ambrosia” reached #22 on the Billboard Top 200.

Track Lisiting

  1. Nice, Nice, Very Nice (Vonnegut) 5:49
  2. Time Waits for No One (Drummond, North, Pack, Puerta) 5:01
  3. Holdin’ on to Yesterday (Pack, Puerta) 4:19
  4. World Leave Me Alone (Pack) 3:17
  5. Make Us All Aware (Drummond, North, Pack, Puerta) 4:28
  6. Lover Arrive (Pack)            3:12
  7. Mama Frog (Drummond, North, Pack, Puerta) 6:06
  8. Drink of Water (Drummond, North, Pack, Puerta) 6:28



  • Burleigh Drummond – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
  • Christopher North – Keyboards, Vocals
  • David Pack – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Joe Puerta -Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Additional Musicians

  • Chuck Girard – Violin
  • Keith Johnson – Violin
  • Daniel Kobialka – Violin
  • Splash Price – Violin
  • Andy Toth – Violin
  • Ian Underwood – Saxophone
  • Ruth Underwood -Marimba
  • Jim West – Violin
  • Fletch Wiley – Violin

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