Big Audio Dynamite “This is Big Audio Dynamite”

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#299 in the Series) is Big Audio Dynamite, This is Big Audio Dynamite.

Who’s on the Track?

OK, Mick Jones is in Big Audio Dynamite. We know that.  We know he was in The Clash.  How ’bout all of the other guys. Who are they?  

Mick started the band with Don Letts.  Don provides vocals and “sound effects” for the band.  He also co-wrote most of the album.   He was actually better known as a film director and disc jockey.

Dan Donovan was the keyboard player.  He had a short stint in The Sisters of Mercy.  He was also in a band called Dreadzone.

Bassist Leo Williams and drummer Greg Roberts were also in Dreadzone.

So now you know the rest of the… band.

I’ve put together two playlists for your listening pleasure. The first is most of the album.  The second playlist contains live tracks from the album and a couple other B.A.D. goodies as well.

Oh, you know the answer to that first question. The horses are on the track!!

Track listing

All songs written by Jones/Letts except as indicated.

Side one

  1. “Medicine Show”  6:29
  2. “Sony” 4:30
  3. “E=MC²”  5:54
  4. “The Bottom Line” (written by Mick Jones) 4:35

Side two

  1. “A Party”  6:40
  2. “Sudden Impact!”  5:03
  3. “Stone Thames” 4:05
  4. “BAD” 5:54


  • Mick Jones – vocals, guitar
  • Don Letts – sound effects, vocals
  • Dan Donovan – keyboards, photos
  • Leo Williams – bass, vocals
  • Greg Roberts – drums, vocals


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