The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Are You Experienced?”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#322 in the Series) is The Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced?

I started making my notes and was thinking, “what can I say about an album that everyone pretty much knows already.” Well, there’s not much really.

You know what jumped out at my first? What I noticed was the length of these tracks.  Over the years we think about these long, guitar solo heavy Hendrix pieces. It’s funny to look at all these track lengths in the two minute and low three minute times.

This was Jimi’s debut album. QUICKLY!!! How many official studio albums did he release? Again, it’s hard to believe, but there were only three Hendrix albums.  Are You Experienced?, Axis: Bold as Love and Electric Ladyland.  That’s it folks!

This album was number in the States but it did not go number one in the UK. What blocked it. The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers!

Rolling Stone Magazine calls this the #15 best album of all time. That is according to their 500 best albums of time list that they published a few years back.

This album was also placed into the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress. That happened in 2005.

Jimi was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in its sixth class, that being 1992. (Sixth class?)

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Jimi Hendrix, except “Hey Joe” by Billy Roberts.

Side one

  1. “Foxy Lady” – 3:22
  2. “Manic Depression” – 3:46
  3. “Red House” – 3:53
  4. “Can You See Me” – 2:35
  5. “Love or Confusion” – 3:17
  6. “I Don’t Live Today” – 3:58

Side two

  1. “May This Be Love” – 3:14
  2. “Fire” – 2:47
  3. “Third Stone from the Sun” – 6:50
  4. “Remember” – 2:53
  5. “Are You Experienced?” – 4:17


  • Jimi Hendrix – lead vocals, guitar, backing
  • Noel Redding – bass, backing vocals
  • Mitch Mitchell – drums, tambourine, backing vocals

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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. scooge (23 Mar 2011, 18:21)

    Dude, this is a no brainer. It’s like saying, “I like oxygen.”

  2. Larry Carta (23 Mar 2011, 18:43)

    Is it a “Cool Album?” Yeah, I thought so….

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