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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#334 in the Series ) is John Hunter, Famous at Night.

Famous at Night was John Hunter’s first of two solo releases for Private I /Epic Records. It was released in late 1984. It featured the top 40 hit “Tragedy” which you can hear below.

John, of course, was also known as founder and leader of the 70s and early 80s band The Hounds.  They found success with their single “Drug land Weekend.”  In fact, John gives new life to “Horses” here. “Horses” was previously recorded for the their album Puttin’ on the Dog.

While The Hounds were more hard rock and roll, John Hunter solo was more of a synth based pop. We were now in the 80’s after all.

“Tragedy” was the first and most successful track. As mentioned earlier, it was top 40 in the US but actually did even better in Europe, especially Belgium were it was a huge hit. They performed the song on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in 1985.

My favorite tracks on the album were the side one closers, “Take Your Chances” and “This is Forever.” Also worth mentioning are the rockers “Put Yourself on the Line” and “Crimes of Passion.”

Two of John’s ex-Hounds are also members of this band, Joe Cuttone, bass and Glen Richard Rupp. Don Griffin, also from The Hounds makes a cameo on what would be the second single, “Valentine.”

Drums were handled by ex-Heartsfield founding member Artie Baldacci  whoalso added synthesizer and other programming to the project.  Hank Guaglianone added some drums as well.

John would follow up the success with another solo release, “More Than Meets the Eye” in 1986.

So what happens to rock stars twenty years down the road? For John Hunter and his band, good things indeed!

Baldacci and Hunter. Photo By Terry Witmer

John still records music. He has his own studio and has been working on a few projects for a couple years. That’s his music side of things.  The former pre-med student at Northwestern is also a Vice President of a very successful business that does some wonder things on a global stage.

Artie Baldacci helps run one of the most successful drums and percussion business in the Midwest.  He continues to play when he’s not watching his White Sox or Detroit Lions.

Joe Cuttone is in the home financing industry.  He actually has his own mortgage company,

Glen Richard Rupp has been a mail carrier for many years.  He stays alive in music by playing Christian music in nursing homes.  He also leads worship for a Monday night church service at the Cook County Jail twice a month.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing 

(L-R Cuttone, Baldacci, Hunter, Rupp)


Side One

  1. Tragedy
  2. Crimes Of Passion
  3. She Advertises
  4. Take Your Chances
  5. This Is Forever

Side Two

  1. Valentine
  2. Losin’ You Again
  3. Put Yourself On The Line
  4. Horses
  5. Sad Songs On The Radio


  • John Hunter -Vocals and keyboards
  • Glen Richard Rupp – Guitars and background vocals
  • Joe Cuttone – Bass and background vocals
  • Artie Baldacci – Drums, percussion, DMX and synthesizers

Additional Personnel

  • Barry Sperti – Saxophone on “Losing You Again” and “Take You Chances”
  • Ken Zemanek – Keyboards
  • Don Griffin – guitar on “Valentine”
  • Hank Guaglianone – drums
  • John Kontol – keyboards


Here’s the video of the hit Tragedy along with a few Hounds tunes. Enjoy!!

John Hunter interviewed on American Bandstand (1985)

Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Hunter Family (04 Apr 2011, 20:16)

    NICE DAD! YOU ARE TOTALLY COOL DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made my day!! :))

    The rest of the Hunter band :))

  2. J. Hunter (05 Apr 2011, 4:58)


    While I have some serious doubts whether I still qualify (or ever DID qualify, for that matter) as being cool, it is nonetheless very gratifying to be placed in such distinguished company. This album was the result of a very significant group effort, and could not have been accomplished without the enduring help of very talented individuals, including, but not limited to, Artie Baldacci, Glen R. Rupp, Joe Cuttone, Hank Guaglianone, Phil Bonnano, Jim Bartz, Kitty Heywood and her sisters, Ken Zemanek, Barry Sperti, John Kontol, Don Griffin, Linda Mensch, Bud Monaco, input from Jerry Michaelson and Arny Granat, Joe Isgro, Private I Records, WXRT, WLUP. WLS, Dick Clark, and numerous others.

    It was a gift to have shared this moment in time in various ways with these people.

    Thanks Larry Carta for the nod, and for maintaining a great web site.

    Apparently my family still thinks I’m cool…(I think, lol)

    Keep rockin’


  3. Larry Carta (05 Apr 2011, 16:03)

    Thanks for stopping by John! I enjoyed sharing those times with you. Good luck to you.


  4. Pam Riddering (11 Jul 2011, 13:10)

    Wow, what a blast from the past! John is one of the most amazing, talented musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! Glad to see you’re still being recognized for that! Miss you and your family! Pam

  5. Louise (13 Aug 2011, 11:41)

    John and his band-mates are all talented musicians and good friends. How about some songs (Cool Album) from the second album? BTW, John, you’ve always been “Cool” 😉

    • Larry Carta (13 Aug 2011, 14:49)

      I’m SURE we’ll get to it sooner or later Louise. Please make sure all your friends know about this. Thanks so much, Larry

  6. stephanie (02 Dec 2011, 1:49)

    I have this album john .try to get radio stations to play it on valentine’s day-I love vwhat happened to you-your music was great-better than alot out there even now-get back into the studio and create-I’m a fan.With more exposure i’m sure you’ll have tons of fans.
    good luck to you

  7. stephanie (02 Dec 2011, 1:51)

    I love valentine.

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