Stevie Wonder “Innervisions”


Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#336 in the Series) Is Stevie Wonder, Innervisions.

Innervisions was a #1 album in 1973. It also produced such hits as “Higher Ground”, “Too High,” “Living for the City” and my favorite on the disc, “Don’t You Worry ‘bout a Thing.” “Golden Lady” was also another track worth mentioning.

Rolling Stone Magazine voted Innervisions the number 23 best album of all-time.

When looking into this album, I was surprised to find out how much was just Stevie himself. He played nearly all the instruments on six of the nine songs.

I’ve always been of fan of Stevie Wonder’s but never more than after watching him on the live broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert. He and his band were simply amazing on that show.  I tuned in to mainly see some of my favorites like Crosby, Still and Nash etc. But Stevie easily was the highlight of the night for me. His rendition that night of “For Once In My Life” being the standout of many classics in that set. I’ve included it below. His band was just outstanding!

Track listing

All songs written, produced and arranged by Stevie Wonder.
No. Title Writer(s) Length

  1. “Too High” (Stevie Wonder) 4:36
  2. “Visions” (Wonder) 5:23
  3. “Living for the City” (Wonder) 7:23
  4. “Golden Lady” (Wonder) 4:58
  5. “Higher Ground” (Wonder) 3:43
  6. “Jesus Children of America” (Wonder) 4:10
  7. “All in Love Is Fair” (Wonder) 3:42
  8. “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing” (Wonder) 4:45
  9. “He’s Misstra Know-It-All” (Wonder) 5:35


  • Stevie Wonder – lead vocal, background vocals, Fender Rhodes, drums, Moog bass, T.O.N.T.O. synthesizer, handclaps
  • Clarence Bell – Hammond organ
  • Ralph Hammer – acoustic guitar
  • Larry “Nastyee” Latimer – congas
  • Scott Edwards – electric bass
  • Yusuf Roahman – shaker
  • Sheila Wilkerson – bongos, Latin gourd
  • Willie Weeks – electric bass
  • Lani Groves – background vocal
  • Tasha Thomas – background vocal
  • Jim Gilstrap – background vocal
  • Malcolm Cecil – upright bass

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