The Screaming Blue Messiahs “Bikini Red”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#346 in the Series) is The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Bikini Red

Now, this is one of those titles that you might not be familiar.  Well, except for “I Wanna be a Flintstone.” That song did bring the band some notoriety.

I’m hoping you check out the playlist below. The Screaming Blue Messiahs were a darn good band!!  One that I’d have a real hard time trying to fit into a category. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like them. One description of read of the band was “Rampaging Rockabilly.” Maybe?  “I’ve read “Rockabilly from Hell” as well.  Don’t let the title “Rock a billy” define them however.  They had more pub rock in them than anything.

They were really only a band from about 1984 thru 1989. They released three albums.

The Messiahs were led by guitarist /vocalist Bill Carter. He’s still out there doing it as a solo artist.

I did have chance to see them once.  They put on a great show. They were the opening act for Echo and the Bunnymen in the late 80’s.  I saw them out doors in Phoenix Arizona. I was out there for vacation. I can’t remember the name of the venue. It may have been called the Mesa Amphitheater. I do remember that the place had a moat in front of the stage. Maybe it made the bands feel like they were back home in the UK!

Check out the playlist below. This was a pretty good band!

Track Listing

  1. Sweet Water Pools (Carter) 3:32
  2. Bikini Red (Carter, Moon) 3:47
  3. Too Much Love (Carter) 3:07
  4. I Can Speak American (Carter) 2:57
  5. Big Brother Muscle (Carter, Moon) 2:59
  6. I Wanna Be a Flintstone  (Carter, Moon) 2:31
  7. Jesus Chrysler Crives a Dodge (Carter) 4:01
  8. Lie Detector (Carter, Moon) 3:59
  9. 55-The Law (Carter, Moon) 2:10
  10. All Shook Down (Carter, Moon) 2:16
  11. Waltz (Carter) 3:31


  • Bill Carter – Guitar, Vocals
  • Kenny Harris – Drums
  • Chris Thompson – Bass
  • Vic Maile – Producer


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