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Here’s what we’re doing.  Everyday at noon eastern time, I toss out an album, say a few things about. Tell a story connecting to it if I know one. Give you a little history about it etc.  I’m not really doing reviews. Do you need a review of something 30 years old? I think not.

Hopefully, I’ll hit on a memory for you. Or possibly enlighten you about something you didn’t know.

I’ll usually have some videos of songs from the album. Sometimes live videos, but not always. I also will attach a few bonus videos when I can.  They have something to do with the act featured but often not directly with that album.

The site was recently updated.  It’s not all done yet. Newer entries will look good. But I’m working backwards everyday to bring it up to the new theme as we go. So have little patience.  I’m going back and lengthening many of the posts and adding more and more videos all the time


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And then there’s the Cool Album Of The Day YouTube channel.  But of course it will be entertainment at its finest with the same eclectic variety that you’ve been accustomed to here.


And of course the baby that started this all. The Facebook Cool Album group! That has now been changed to a Fan Page.

You can join any and all of these by clicking the logos on the top right of this page.  To view the facebook page click the link below.


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Here is some information on the site!  These are stats since we moved to this new address around November 1st.

Cool Album of the day has been viewed in 195 different countries.  The site has been translated into 149 different languages.


Are you interested in contributing an entry or more to the site?  We’d love to have guest authors. Please reach us at the email address below.


We’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful readers step up with some great contributions to the site. So far those with multiple entries include Kristin Morrisson, Stephen Dalrymple, Bernie Sparrow, Tim Shockley, Richard Huttel, John Driscoll, Paul McBride, Rob Henry, Raymond Brettman, Jim McCabe, Charlie Olvera, Clint Corey, Bubby Lewis, Federico Moreno, Jay Kretchmar, Robin Crocker and of course, Walt Falconer. (Falcon’s Nest) We thank them for their support!


The last thing I ask is, please help. We’d really appreciate your efforts in making this project grow.  Please send invites and recommendations to your musical friends.  Thanks so much!!

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Questions? Comments? Advertising Information? Feel Free to reach us at ‘CoolAlbumOfTheDay@gmail.com


  1. Lynn Hall (06 Mar 2011, 16:36)

    What does one have to do to contribute? I love this site and I am not sure if I am qualified but I may be.

  2. Larry Carta (06 Mar 2011, 17:03)

    Hi Lynn and everyone else that has the same question.

    Just go back above to that “About US” menu and scroll down to “Contact Us / Submissions” You can write us from there and we’ll get the message. Thanks for your support and we’re glad you love the site.

    Or simply write to CoolAlbumOfTheDay@gmail.com


  3. Les Dudek (05 Jan 2012, 4:38)

    Gee guys, thanks for making my old “Say No More” LP your (Cool Album Of The Day), What can I say, you have great taste in music………That was a fun record to make, I had a lot of amazing players to work with………

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