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Les Dudek ‘Say No More’

Posted 10 Jul 2014 in 70s, Albums of 1977, Albums of the 70s, Jazz/Rock

  Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#941 in the Series) is Les Dudek, Say No More Are you a guitar fan? Do you like great blues guitar? Do you like funky jazz guitar? I’m hoping you know who Les Dudek is. If not, you need to know about him, and quickly. Born in Rhode Island, and raised in Florida, Les made the rounds before ending up in California. Before he launched his solo career, he spent time playing with the likes of Boz Scaggs and Steve Miller. I recently learned an interesting story about the start of his solo career. In the early 70s he was living in the San Francisco area, well-known manager/producer “Herbie” Herbert was putting...

Paul Barrere & Roger Cole ‘Riding The Nova Train’ – Today’s Cool Album of the Day’

Posted 13 Feb 2013 in Albums of 2013, Albums of the 10s, Blues-Rock

    Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#836 in the Series) is Paul Barrere & Roger Cole, Riding the Nova Train   Paul Barrere’s latest project is finally available; a collection of eclectic tunes reminiscent of the early days of Little Feat, recorded with old friend Roger Cole, Riding The Nova Train has a sample of influences through Paul’s long career. After the band plays at Feat Fan XI in Jamaica in March, Paul will be taking a year off to deal with treatment for Hep C. Below are some notes from Paul about the project and a link to hear a sample and order the CD….here’s a bit of the history of the album. An album, by...

Paul Barrere to Take Year Long Medical Leave From Little Feat

Posted 29 Dec 2012 in Music + TV News

  Paul Barrere will be taking some time off from Little Feat. He’s announced that due to his treatment for Hepatitis “C” that he will need to take about a year off from touring although he may do a one-off show with the band “if the planets line up.” As Paul explains in his statement below, he will continue to play through the March Jamaica shows before he begins his treatments. ====================================================== Here’s a statement from Paul Barrere: In 1994 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis “C”, a very aggressive virus that attacks the liver, which has affected many of my generation. For the past twenty years I have managed to control the effects of the disease with lifestyle changes...

Leon Russell and Little Feat Announce Tour Dates

Posted 17 Sep 2012 in Music + TV News

    East coast music fans will be in for quite the treat this fall as Little Feat has just announced that they had added six shows with the legendary Leon Russell. As of now these are the only six shows that are confirmed. As of this writing we’re not sure if more will be added. Check back here as we will add information as it becomes available. Leon Russell does not tour often so this is a rare chance to see a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer playing on the same stage with the band that deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Leon Russell latest release was The Union in 2010.  It...

Little Feat “Rooster Rag”

Posted 28 Jun 2012 in Albums of 2012, Albums of the 10s, Blues-Rock

    Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#727 in the Series) is Little Feat, Rooster Rag  Little Feat has been on the proud highway since 1969, their first release in nine years is a collection of good ole Americana music that may be appreciated by baby boomers only, just because they have been flying under the top 40 radar for 43 years. And of course some music historians will say, “It’s not the same without Lowell George” and since the passing of every drummers hero, Richie Hayward, how could they possibly go on. No, it’s not the same, but the boys are still getting it done. When I first heard a Rooster Rag preview, I skimmed through, looking for...

Paul Barrere’s Bluesbusters “Accept No Substitutes”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#406 in the Series) is Bluesbusters, Accept No Substitute I was really missing Little Feat in the mid-eighties when I first heard about The  Bluesbusters.  Like a good ol’ bowl of crawfish etouffee, let’s say they really hit the spot. If you don’t know about them, let me clue y’all in.  The Bluesbusters featured five very talented musicians that made their name mostly in other acts.  Paul Barrere was of course a lead vocalist, guitarist, slide guitarist in Little Feat.  On Keyboards was the late T.Lavitz. T spent most of his time in another great band, The Dixie Dregs.  Freebo was on bass. He previously added the boogie to the woogie of Ms....

Sugar Lime Blue, “Far From The Tree”

By Larry Carta, March 13, 2011 One of the best parts about publishing this website is getting turned onto new bands, new albums, new music. Today I’m going to spotlight a new album by a band from Nashville, Tn. Let me introduce you to Ashley Beth, Dave Beth, Al Plourde, Russ Dean and Dan Leveillee. Collectively, they’re known as Sugar Lime Blue. Yes, I indeed did mention Nashville. However this is not a country act.  Sit back, close your eyes and think about artists like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Edie Brickell and even Renaissance’s Annie Haslam. Now mix them  in with R & B acts Al Green, Bill Withers, maybe some Otis etc. Ok, now you have the idea!...

Robert Palmer “Some People Can Do What They Like”

Posted 21 Dec 2010 in 70s, Albums of 1976, Albums of the 70s, Rock + Roll

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#231 in the Series) is Robert Palmer, Some People Do What They Want. Some People Can Do What They Like (SPCDWTL) was Robert Palmer’s third album.  It follows two great releases, Sneaking Sally thru the Alley and Pressure Drop. This has sometimes been referred to often as the ‘Little Feat Album.’ Why, because most of Little Feat appears on the disc and he also covers Lowell George’s ‘Spanish Moon.’   Lowell and Little Fear bassist Kenny Gradney are the only two members to not appear. Robert must really love his regular bassist, Pierre Brock! ‘One Last Look’ and ‘Keep in Touch’ receive mention. ‘Man Smart (Woman Smarter)’ and ‘the title cut ‘SPCDWTL’ receive special...

Toto “Toto”

Posted 25 Nov 2010 in 70s, Albums of 1978, Albums of the 70s, Rock + Roll

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#204 in the Series) is the debut, self-titled release from Toto. Could they be the most musically talented band of all time? Could they be the most misunderstood band of all time? Toto has always been an enigma. If you say ‘Toto’ you get some interesting takes. Someone who knows just hit radio…. We’ll they’ll most likely remember Toto IV and the huge hits and Grammy Awards that that album produced. ‘Rosanna, Africa, I Won’t Hold Back’ were all over the airwaves. As a rocker and you might get a look like ‘What the heck you listening to them for man?’ But ask a musician. Ask someone that can really play and they’ll...

Court Yard Hounds “Court Yard Hounds”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#171 in the Series) is self-titled debut from, Court Yard Hounds. This was my surprise find of the year.  It’s one of my favorite albums of 2010. For those of you not familiar with Court Yard Hounds, they are Emily Robison and Martie Maguire from the Dixie Chicks. I’ve always liked the Dixie Chicks.  Taking their name from a Little Feat song got them going in the right direction from the start with me!  However, I never was a huge fan that saw them in concert or bought more than an album here or there. (I do think the single “Not Ready to Make Nice” is superb!) So one night I’m watching David Letterman...

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