Category: Albums of 2004

The Zutons ‘Who Killed The Zutons?’

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#861 in the Series) Is The Zutons, Who Killed ….. The Zutons The Zutons may very well be the summation of rock music at the turn of the century. What I mean by that is if I had to pick one album that incorporates one of the most varied mix of styles and influences from rock history, it would be their debut Who Killed…… The Zutons. The alchemy of the sound includes psychedelia, punk, folk, and garage rock. There is the raw energy of the 60’s, the flamboyant coolness of the 70’s, the tight pop of the 80’s, and the grungy bite of the 90’s. All their influences are often so seamlessly blended...

The Black Keys ‘Rubber Factory’

  Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#835 in the Series) is The Black Keys, Rubber Factory The Black Keys have enjoyed quite a bit of success as of late. They received five nominations for the 55th Grammy Awards, tour relentlessly, and just about everybody has heard of them. This wasn’t always the case. Their first three albums began somewhat under the radar. Rubber Factory is their third album and what some people still claim is the best release they’ve had so far. If someone ever asks me what The Black Keys sound like, I always point them to this album. In a nutshell it is blues rock with an unrelenting drive and passion. When I was growing up I...

The Notorious Cherry Bombs “The Notorious Cherry Bombs”

Today’s Cool Album of the day (#144 in the Series) is the self titled album by, The Notorious Cherry Bombs. OK, who knows who these guys are? I’ll explain.