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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#374 in the Series) is the self-titled debut from Go West

I really dug some of the synth-rock new wave bands of the 80s. I always thought that Go West was one of the better ones.  I must say, when I started doing some of the research for this write-up, I was a little surprised how well this stood up. Not all of them do. Have any you plopped on a Thompson Twins album lately?  You might be surprised that they don’t sound all that hot!

Go West was made of two band members, drummer, vocalist and double phallic named Peter Cox, along with guitarist, vocalist Richard Drummie.

This was their debut album. Quite a few songs received airplay here in the states.  “We Close Our Eyes” was probably the most well know song here in the States. It reached #41 here in the states on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. Other semi-hits off this album included “Call Me”, “Eye to Eye”, “Don’t Look Down” and “Goodbye Girl.”

The song that Go West was most know for here was a song they had on the Pretty Woman movie soundtrack, with “King of Wishful Thinking. “Faithful” also on that disc was another a semi-hit.

I didn’t have this album any longer, so I had to download it from MOG.com. When I was looking for it, I noticed that they have a live album as well. It sounded great, you should check it out.

I also noticed that they are still together and will be quiet busy this summer playing in the UK. It seems like they do quite a few 80s reunion type of shows.  I think they’d be fun to see.

Track listing

All songs written by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie.

Side one

  1. “We Close Our Eyes” – 3:50
  2. “Don’t Look Down” – 3:55
  3. “Call Me” – 4:11
  4. “Eye to Eye” – 5:11
  5. “Haunted” – 3:18

Side two

  1. “S.O.S.” – 4:01
  2. “Goodbye Girl” – 5:08
  3. “Innocence” – 4:10
  4. “Missing Persons” – 5:25


  • Peter Cox: Vocals, Guitar, Synth
  • Richard Drummie: Vocals, Bass, Synth

Guest players

  • Pino Palladino: Fretless Bass
  • Mel Collins: Saxophone
  • Graham Broad: Drums, Percussion
  • Alan Murphy: Guitar solos, Guitar
  • Gary Stevenson: Guitar
  • Timmy Goldsmith: Drums
  • Katie Humble: Vocals
  • Dave West: Synth, Linguistaphone, and additional arrangements
  • Piano solo on “Missing Persons” by Neil Drake.

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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Dean Heus (15 May 2011, 10:59)

    Hi Larry–

    Great site. “King of Wishful Thinking” was on Pretty Woman soundtrack not Pretty in Pink soundtrack. I never owned the former, but I played the heck out of the latter.


  2. Larry Carta (15 May 2011, 12:46)

    Thanks Dean, I’ve made the change! One of those things that my mind said one thing and my fingers said another. Thanks again, Larry

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