Cheap Trick “at Budokan: The Complete Concert”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#394 in the Series) is Cheap Trick, at Budokan: The Complete Concert.

Cheap Trick’s first album, which was simply self-titled, did OK here in the States. Their second release, In Color gave the band a whole new audience as it stepped them up a notch. Dream Police, the same deal, they went up another notch but not a real big deal. Then came Cheap Trick at Budokan, after this was released, they became stars.

All that was referring to the United Stated, beginning in late ’77, they had become a huge act in Japan.  How did that happen? Mainly it was because they had done two big tours of the island. One as an opening act for Queen, the other tour was opening for Kiss.  Their reviews were fantastic. (duh) They media were all over them and they soon were stars overseas.

I’ve read interviews with guitarist Rick Nielson describing the trip.  He was telling how there were tons of people meeting them at the airport. Their hotel was surrounded by fans. They were staying on the 28th floor, yet every time they’d walk to the window the crowds would erupt.  It must have been quite the scene for the boys from Rockford, Il.

The original Cheap Trick at Budokan album was released in 1979.  It only contained 11 tracks. It really did seem short for a live album since double albums were such a big deal back then.  I was always hoping there would be more. As I’ve stated many times before, I’m a huge live album fan. Give me the errors and the lively sound.  Perfect example, compare “I Want You to Want Me” from In Color to the live version that we know as the hit.

The interesting thing is that this album is actually miss-titled. This was not the full concert, and was actually taken from different nights. The plan was to construct it to represent a full gig.

What I like about this release is that a couple of the added tracks are from that first album.  I still think that’s their best. It had such an edge to it.  Songs from the first album that made it only this release were “Elo Kiddies” and ”Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.”

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. “Hello There”
  2. “Come On, Come On”
  3. “ELO Kiddies”
  4. “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”
  5. “Big Eyes”
  6. “Look Out”
  7. “Downed”
  8. “Can’t Hold On”
  9. “Oh Caroline”
  10. “Surrender”
  11. “Auf Wiedersehen”
  12. “Need Your Love”
  13. “High Roller”
  14. “Southern Girls”
  15. “I Want You to Want Me”
  16. “California Man”
  17. “Goodnight”
  18. “Ain’t That a Shame”
  19. “Clock Strikes Ten”


  • Robin Zander – vocals, guitar
  • Rick Nielsen – guitar
  • Tom Petersson – bass
  • Bun E. Carlos – drums


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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. coachmaddog (04 Jun 2011, 8:22)

    Always one of the great live lp’s. I bought this when it was an import in ’79. What a blinder.

  2. gordon (22 Dec 2011, 10:26)

    Just seen Cheap Trick in glasgow-nov 2011-they supported Deep Purple and blew Purple away

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