801 "Listen Now"

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#801 in the Series) is 801, Listen Now

Some times you have to pull one out that I bet many of you have not  listened to in years!  I’m guessing that’s true for 801.

When was the last time you pulled this one off the shelf?  There even a good chance that you never even heard of this one. Then again, I’m betting many of you have as well since we do have a large number of audiophiles that frequent the site.

801 is a band put together by Phil Manzanera, Phil is best known as lead guitarist for the legendary band Roxy Music.

Roxy would take time off now and then and like most bands, many members would work on solo projects.  This would be Phil’s.

It took two years to record. Phil began the process in 1975 and finished in 1977. Oddly enough, while working on putting this together, 801 released a live album in 1976 called Listen Live.

Phil recruited a ton of great players for Listen Now.  One thing I was not aware of until I researched for this piece was that Tim Finn was part of this project. Who knew? I certainly did not.

Here’s a list of some of the others. Brian Eno, Rhett Davies, Mel Collins, Simon Phillips, Eddie Rayner (another ex-Split Enz member), Eddie Jobson, Lol Crème and Kevin Godley.

The two songs that received the most airplay were the first two tracks on the disc, “Listen Now” and “Flight 19.” You can hear them below.


  • Phil Manzanera – guitar, acoustic piano, Hammond organ
  • Eno – guitar treatment, chorus piano, synthesizer
  • Simon Ainley – lead vocals
  • Bill MacCormick – bass, vocals
  • Ian MacCormick – vocals
  • Tim Finn – vocals
  • Kevin Godley – vocals, percussion
  • Lol Creme – vocals
  • Billy Livsey – clarinet, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes
  • Mel Collins – soprano saxophone
  • John White – tuba
  • Eddie Jobson – acoustic piano, Fender piano
  • Eddie Rayner – acoustic piano
  • Francis Monkman – Fender Rhodes, synthesizer
  • Rhett Davies – Hammond organ
  • Simon Phillips – drums, percussion
  • Dave Mattacks – drums
  • Alan Lee – background vocals

Track listing

Side One

  1. “Listen Now”
  2. “Flight 19”
  3. “Island”
  4. “Law and Order”
  5. “Rude Awakening”
  6. “Que?”

Side Two

  1. “City of Light”
  2. “Initial Speed”
  3. “Postcard Love”
  4. “That Falling Feeling”
  5. “Blue Gray Uniform”
  6. “Remote Control”
Give it a listen below..


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