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Posted 07 Aug 2019 in Music + TV News

If you follow the Cool Album of the Day website I’m guessing that you are a little bit of a music fan. Excellent!

Have you ever wanted to be published? Well if you are, we at Cool Album of the Day are always looking for contributors.

You know what we do here. Like I mentioned, we’re always looking for people that would like to do a write up on some of their favorite albums. We’d also love people that would be interested in reviewing a concert that they might be seeing in the near future, but we’d really love some people that would like to add some reviews of new releases. In fact, we’d love to start expanding the amount of new releases that we feature on the site.

As of now, all we can offer you is the exposure and the fun knowing that you’re going to be read worldwide. I can also tell you that you’ll have fun. If you’re looking to stay in this field being on a site like ours wouldn’t look to shabby on a resume!

We’re hoping down the line to be able to offer you more than that. Once in a while I get a request from a label to review one of their new releases. In that case, I could push some new titles your way, but for now it’s mostly for fun and exposure.

Also, I should mention, that I’m there to help you as well. I don’t expect you to submit finished product. I can help with things like videos, track listing and personnel for your entry.

One reason that people say that like to write for our site is because we suggest and even encourage our writers to not do normal reviews. This is why you’ll sometimes hear me refer to our pieces as “write-ups” and not “reviews.” Quite often, people are reading about an album that they’ve known for years. We don’t have to be encyclopedic and provide a track by track look-see. No, not us, while we still do that on some pieces, especially new releases, we like to stray from the norm. You can tell us a story revolving around an album or an artist, or maybe tell us how that album fit into your life somehow.  You’ve got the pen and paper, or keyboard… you can take it wherever you wish.

If this has you written all over it, please reach me, Larry at CoolAlbumoftheDay@gmail.com. I’ll get back to you. Promise!! Also, if you could, please mention in your “Hello I’m interested” email a few albums that you’d like to start with. That would be a great place to start! Thank you again so much for your interest.  

— Larry Carta

Posted by Larry Carta

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