Rockpile ‘Live at Montreux 1980’

Today’s ‘Cool Album of the Day’ (#1040 in the Series) is Rockpile Live at  Montreux 1980

In 1980, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams, collectively known as Rockpile, released their only official album, Seconds of Pleasure.  On August 23rd, 2011, they released their second.  It’s called Live at Montreux 1980.

Sure we know there were about four or five more albums that could have been called Rockpile, except Dave Edmunds was contracted to one label and Nick Lowe to another, so we never had a second Rockpile album.

This one is a live album and features 16 tracks. You’ll find some goodies from all three “franchises, “there are some Rockpile tunes, some songs that were on Dave’s albums and some songs that were on Nick’s.  It’s just full of great songs, power pop at its finest, and they really rip thru them as well.

“Sweet Little Lisa” opens the set before they rush quickly Nick Lowe’s “And So It Goes.”  The mix is slightly off on this one but that OK. This isn’t Steely Dan for crying out loud. It’s four piece, short tune, rock and roll. If it sounds like it’s being played in someone’s garage, well fine with me.  However, we’re not going to someone’s garage. We’re going out tonight!  We’re going to a party. A wedding party!

We’re going because “I Knew The Bride,” and she looked as good as always. I was a little surprised to Dave’s “Queen of Hearts” was also invited to the party.   She wasn’t the only girl there, we also ran into “Switchboard Susan.”  Maybe they were all there to see the “Trouble Boys?”  Why do they always like the trouble boys? Maybe it’s because of “Girls Talk.”  I think they should have listened to their “Teacher Teacher.”

The party was only about half way over at this point. You want in? Well, “I Hear You Knockin.’“ but you can’t come in. Why, as expected, things got a little out of hand, but soon enough the band would be “Crawling From the Wreckage” and then they would “Let it Rock” or at least “They Call It Rock.”  The “Ju Ju Man” did but lastly, “Let’s Talk About Us”

–Larry Carta

Track Listings

  1. Sweet Little Lisa (Cowart) 2:33
  2. So It Goes (Lowe) 2:48
  3. I Knew the Bride (Lowe) 2:46
  4. Queen of Hearts 2:56
  5. Switchboard Susan 3:16
  6. Trouble Boys 3:16
  7. Teacher Teacher (Phillips) 2:42
  8. Girls Talk (Costello) 3:22
  9. 3 Time Loser (Miller) 2:54
  10. You Ain’t Nothin’ But Fine 2:48
  11. Crawling from the Wreckage 3:07
  12. Let It Rock 2:51
  13. I Hear You Knocking 2:34
  14. They Called It Rock (Edmunds, Lowe) 3:49
  15. Ju Ju Man 3:21
  16. Let’s Talk About Us 3:59


  • Billy Bremner – Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Edmunds – Composer, Guitar, Vocals
  • Nick Lowe – Bass, Composer, Vocals
  • Terry Williams – Drums


See Rockpile, Seconds of Pleasures. 
See Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Sing The Everly Brothers
See Dave Edmunds, Get It
See Nick Lowe, Labour of Lust

While You Wait for your copy, listen to some live Rockpile below!


Posted by Larry Carta

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  1. Mimi Betinis (24 Aug 2011, 23:32)

    This some of the greatest stuff recorded. So up beat and pop. I have loved it the moment I heard it.
    I have always been a Dave Edmunds fan and I still am. Rockpile brought it all together for me.
    Thank you Larry for yet another great choice and review. Cool Album Of The Day is just that KOOL.

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