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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#672 in the Series) is The Call, Reconciled.

One topic that I tend to revisit often is about the “Band That Didn’t Get Their Due.”  The Call fits that line as well as any act on these pages.

Despite some great songs, a decent label push and some nice guest stars, Reconciled got some airplay but didn’t click like it should have I believe.

Two tracks received most of the play. ‘They were the first two tracks on the disc, “Everywhere I Go” and “I Still Believe.”  I once heard an old saying around record stores.  “If you’re thinking of buying a album and don’t know much about it. Don’t buy it  if the only song you know is the first track.“ Well this disc, maybe people stayed clear since the first two tracks were the only ones they’ve heard. I don’t know how that old saying really works though when you’re two tracks deep.

I always regarded The Call as a very talented band.  They released  number of good records. This just being one of them.  Let the Day Begin and Into the Woods also deserving of special mention.

The guest stars that I referred too?  Peter Gabriel and Jim Kerr provide backing vocals on “Everywhere I Go.” Robbie Robertson played guitar on “The Morning,” It’s a shame they couldn’t get anyone good to drop by.

Most of the music here was written by front man, bassist, Michael Been. I was saddened a few years ago when I read of his passing. Saddened and surprised as well as he was a young man.  He also dabbled in acting.  His largest role would have been as an Apostle in Martin Scorsese’s  Last Temptation of Christ. 

The Call, “Reconciled” was released in 1986 and peaked at #82 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts.  ‘I Still Believe’ reached # 17 on the Mainstream Rocks Chart while ‘Everywhere I Go’ hit to #38.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. Everywhere I Go (Been) 4:18
  2. I Still Believe (Great Design) (Been, Goodwin ) 5:30
  3. Blood Red (America) (Been )3:42
  4. The Morning (Been) 4:40
  5. Oklahoma (Been) 4:18
  6. With or Without Reason (Been) 4:02
  7. Sanctuary (Been) 3:57
  8. Tore the Old Place Down (Been, Goodwin) 4:12
  9. Even Now (Been, Goodwin) 4:37


The Call

  • Michael Been (Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals)
  • Tom Ferrier (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Jim Goodwin (Keyboards, Vocals)
  • Scott Musick (Drums, Vocals)
Additional Musicians
  • Jeff Bova (Keyboards, Programming)
  • Jimmy Bralower (Drum Programming, Programming )
  • Peter Gabriel (Vocals (Background))
  • Jim Kerr (Vocals (Background))
  • Robbie Robertson (Guitar)


Here’s the album on a playlist. Below that, live goodies

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