Mick Jagger, Foo Fighters and SNL Cast Members Follow Successful Show With After Party Jam Session.

Posted 20 May 2012 in Music + TV News


The fun did not end at 1 AM this morning when the screen faded to black ending the 37th season of Saturday Night Live. Host and musical guest Mick Jagger along with The Foo Fighters led an after party that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning.

The band played numerous cover tunes that saw a variety of past and present cast members joining in on the fun. Will Forte sang some Black Sabbath, and Amy Poehler some  Joan Jett. They also covered some Cheap Trick, this time with Fred Armisen on drums while Jason Sudeikis showed off his lead vocal skills.

Mick did take the stage and treated the party to “Bitch” and “Miss You.”

“Miss You” very well could be the theme of the party as Kristen Wiig made her final appearance as a cast member. She had been a regular for seven seasons. The show ended with a nice tribute to her that included Jagger and Arcade Fire “performing” a short medley of “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday.” Ms. Wiig was joined on stage by former members Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Chris Kattan,  Will Forte and producer Lorne Michaels. Rumors had been making the rounds that this would indeed be her last show. This confirmed that the rumors were indeed true.

Mick performed three times during the show. The first time he took the stage was with Arcade Fire and they ran through a more than decent version of “The Last Time.”  That was followed up later in the program with a raw version of “19th Nervous Breakdown” played along with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Grohl would be making his 11th appearance on SNL on this evening.

Mick’s third music appearance of the night would be near the end of the show. He was joined on stage by guitarist Jeff Beck, who was reuniting with his old rhythm section of drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and Tal Wilkenfeld along with most of the Saturday Night Live Band.  They treated the crowed to original blues tune recently written by Sir Mick.

It must be added that Mick did more than an honorable job in his hosting duties. He came across as more than competent as a comedic partner as he fit in well with the long-time sketch comedian troupe.  Highlights include Mick as a nerdy bar-goer named “Kevin Miller.”  “Kev” and his friends had various opinions of more than typical botched karaoke versions of Rolling Stones songs. Another highlight was an American Idol spoof where Mick played the role of Steven Tyler. It was a nice turn-about since Steven has been playing the role of Mick Jagger for forty years.  Then again, he’s not the only one.

— Larry Carta

Here’s Mick’s Monologue

The Karaoke Sketch

Mick playing “Secret Word”

Mick (with a Steve Martin cameo) in “The Californians” 

Here’s some After Party videos for you!!!

First up, Mick and “Miss You”

Kristen Wiig and a bunch of others on “I Love Rock and Roll”

Amy Poehler “Bad Reputation”

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  1. Emily (21 May 2012, 12:31)

    Jagger was a lot of fun on SNL. My favorite bit was when he played Stephen Tyler on the reality dance program. I liked that he was game for anything, no mater how goofy he looked. Thanks again for the reminder, Larry.

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