Live Streaming of Sunday’s “Earl of Old Town” Reunion Concert from FitzGeralds Night Club.

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Live Streaming of Sunday’s Earl of Old Town Reunion Concert from FitzGeralds.

This should be a real treat! This weekend, Saturday actually, is Earl Pionke’s 80th birthday. Earl is a legend of the Chicago scene. He founded and ran The Earl of Old Town for many years.  The Earle of Old Town was more than just a folk club decades ago. It was a club that launched the careers of many of the greats of the folk / singer –songwriter genre.  Names like John Prine, Steve Goodman, Bonnie Koloc, Ed and Fred Holstein, Harry Waller, Michael Johnson, Jim Post, Bryan Bowers and John Burns all kicked off lengthy careers at the club.

Many of those names are going to gather once on this Sunday, June 24th at the quaint FitzGerald’s Night Club in west suburban Chicago to honor Earle Pionke on his special day.  The music will once again be alive to put smiles on faces of many that can remember doing the same years and years ago. Not only will the club be filled but there will also be a tent with a huge high-definition screen set up just outside the door.  Sorry, the club is sold out, but you can still be there in the tent.  The artists will be spending time out there mingling before and after their performances so this might actually be THE place to be anyway!

Click here or on our little TV to get to the stream!

The show begins about 6pm Central Time.  Check the poster for who’s going to be taking the stage. There will also be some surprises as the show goes on. This should be a great time.

The evening will be hosted by Ed Holstein, Harry Waller and John Burns.

We’d like to send out huge thank you to Marina Jason for putting this special evening together and to Bill FitzGerald and his club for hosting the event. Below you can find a map and directions to the club as well as information on the 32nd annual American Music Festival which is coming to FitzGerald’s very soon as well.

Below: One of the show’s many performers, Ms. Bonnie Koloc

Listen to an interview with Bonnie, Ed Holstein and Johnny Burns on Nick Digilio’s WGN radio show. Our site is mentioned at almost the very beginning. Thanks Nick!! Click to go there. Listen to the three of them reminisce about the days of Earl Pionke’s “Earl of Old Town” 

Here’s tonight’s lineup


  • Casualaires
  • Byron Roche
  • Jan Burda/Paul Breidenbach
  • Ron Buffington
  • Larry Rand
  • Buddy Mondlock
  • Saul Broudy
  • Mick Scott
  • Amdrew Calhoun
  • Fred Simons
  • Mike Dunbar
  • Jim Post
  • Johnny Burns
  • Eddie Holstein
  • Harry Waller
  • Michael Johnson
  • Al Day
  • Bryan Bowers
  • Claudia Schmidt
  • Chris Farrell
  • Marty Peifer
  • Billy Prine
  • Bonnie Koloc
  • Special Guest
  • Finale ~
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