Yusuf “Cat Stevens” to Announce New Tour Soon.

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Cat Stevens to Announce Tour

It was just a one line statement on his facebook page this morning, June 21st, but Yusuf Cat Stevens has announced that he will be announcing a tour soon. 

We’ll be updating this post when we have more information.

If you’re curious as to what he performs these days let me share with you one of his last set lists for a live show. This set list was from 2011 at a venue in Stockholm, Sweden. He played two lengthy sets at that show.

May 7th, 2011Please visit and LIKE our facebook page

Set 1

  1. Lilywhitekitty
  2. The Wind
  3. Blackness of the Night
  4. Trouble
  5. Pop Star
  6. Where Do the Children Play
  7. Midday (Avoid City After Dark)
  8. I Love My Dog
  9. Here Comes My Baby
  10. The First Cut Is the Deepest
  11. World of Darkness
  12. Maybe There’s a World
  13. Matthew & Son
  14. But I Might Die Tonight
  15. (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard
  16. Doors
  17. On the Road to Findout
  18. A Bad Night

Set 2

  1. King of Trees1899_catstevens
  2. Foreigner Suite
  3. Heaven/Where True Love Goes
  4. Roadsinger
  5. Miles from Nowhere
  6. Changes IV
  7. Bad Brakes
  8. Be What You Must / Sitting
  9. Don’t Be Shy / Angelsea
  10. Morning Has Broken
  11. Wild World
  12. Father and Son


  1. Moonshadow
  2. My People
  3. Peace Train

 Here are some live videos from recent times. 

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