Chrissie Hynde Finishes New Album, Plans Tour

Posted 10 Feb 2014 in Music + TV News



Chrissie Hynde Finishes New Album, Plans Tour

Good, no make that great news for Chrissie Hynde fans. Ms. Hynde announced this morning via her facebook page that she has finished recording her new album. I’ll just let her tell the story.


Hey everyone out there in Facebook Land!

Sorry it’s been too long. I forgot to post! In fact, I don’t know how people remember to keep up with their social networking habits. But I haven’t forgotten YOU!

The good news – I’ve finished the Stockholm album. I know, I know – better latent than never. So I guess this means I’ll have to abandon my heavy schedule of goofing off and get out soon and do some gigs (and the dreaded promo). Well, of course I look forward to the gigs. As far as the rest – don’t expect to see me mincing about in any fashion magazines looking like a twat. As if! Maybe Classic Rock If I manage to die between now and the release date, which should be sometime in May or June. (Oh c’mon! I’m not going anywhere. Not just yet.) The truth is, I can’t wait to get this record out so the world can dance and rejoice and I can get back where I belong. On a bus.

I’ve noticed by all the adverts for tack in the Sunday papers that Valentine’s Day is imminent. I think I better get my ass over to Paris. As far as I recall, they don’t celebrate such things there. The City of Love is too classy to fall for the Hallmark card version. Yeah, a stroll around Montmartre at dawn with a baguette and nothing on it, hot and flaky like my men. Garçon! Better yet – may I invite S. Clay Wilson to be my Valentine like I did from the stage in SanFrancisco back in…… well, whenever it was? Which reminds me, I wanted to tell you that S. Clay gets a mention in one of the songs on ‘Stockholm’!

And don’t pretend that that hasn’t piqued your interest even more!


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  1. Lowell Zahrt (10 Feb 2014, 19:08)

    Great music from a beautiful Woman ! Can’t wait to hear the new music.

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