Lovesick Saints ‘Dia De Los Muertos’


Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#933 in the Series) is Lovesick Saints, Dia De Los Muertos

Chandler, Arizona is more likely to be known as a bastion of conservative politics and suburban way of life than for a thriving punk rock and alternative music scene.  Usually one has to travel at least into Phoenix proper, or make the journey a few hours further west on I-10 to SoCal before engaging with any meaningful punk music.

But listen to the music of Lovesick Saints and learn that being surrounded by such a homogenous atmosphere as Maricopa County can, perhaps counter-intuitively, produce a social consciousness and yearning that combine to forge intelligent, powerful alternative punk and rock music reserved usually for the belligerents of  California.

On their most recent EP “Dia de los Muertos” the Saints avoid the typical iconoclastic anti-authority streak one might grow weary of in conventional punk, while retaining the depth of human experience that gives this brand of music a legitimate staying power. Listen as lead singer Tom Holliday belts out “thank God for heroes / my heart’s in your hands” – the signature line from lead single “War Story.”  The band’s concerned patriotism that may not sit well with old guard punks, but thoughtful listeners will hear their honesty, which becomes refreshing instead of discouraging and provincial.

Sound-wise, comparisons to saintsSocial Distortion and Bad Religion are apt. Gritty, yearning vocals come over the top of a lead guitar siren and grunge-era churning bass. The title track opens with a reverent Mexican incantation before launching into a satisfying no-vocals romp with up-tempo drums and searing punk resonance from the guitar’s high end.

While they band deals with heavy subjects like despair and world-weariness, the songs avoid morose displays of existential ennui and never make the emo mistake of moaning about breakups. Their sights are much higher than that, and they earn respect for it. The overall tone of the record remains stirring and positive even if it’s couched in darker undertones – an appropriate definition of good punk rock.

You can stream the Lovesick Saints six-song EP on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and at their website

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Track Listing

  1. Dia De Los Muentossaints2
  2. Sick and Broken
  3. One Foot in the Grave
  4. War Story
  5. This Aint It
  6. Empty


  • Tom Holiday- guitar, vocals
  • Jarrod Olson – bass, vocals
  • Christian Howell  – drums

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