Teenage Fan Club “Bandwagonesque”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#202 in the Series) is Teenage Fan Club, Bandwagonesque.

Teenage Fan Club were/ is a band from Scotland. This was their third album and was released in 1991.

I had a chance to see them at the ‘Metro’ in Chicago when this album was justr released.  They put on a heck of a show too!

Most of this album was written by guitarists Norman Blake and Gerard Love. For this album at least it was pretty much an either / or thing.  They didn’t really collaborate that often, preferring to write on their own. Well, at least credit-wise.

The rest of the band consisted of Raymond McGinley on guitar; Brendan O’Hare on drums and Joseph McAlinden on bass.

As mentioned previously, ‘The Concept’ received the most airplay of the mix. Other songs that did hit the airwaves were ‘Star Sign’ and ‘What You Do To Me.’

They’re still putting out music too! Having released an album as recent as this past June, It was called Shadows.  Blake and Love are still fronting the band as well.

Teenage Fan Club Bandwagonesque peaked at #137 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.

OFFICIAL TEENAGE FANCLUB BLOG: www.teenagefanclub.com

BONUS VIDEO: Teenage Fan Club Covering The Byrds “Feel A Whole Lot Better”

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