Pixies ‘Doolittle’

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#925 in the Series) is Pixies, Doolittle.

Pixies first came to most people’s attention via 1988’s superb “Surfer Rosa,” a raw blast of punky mayhem with a real sense of fun and pop at its core. Produced (or as he likes to say, recorded) by Steve Albini, it garnered the band a whole host of new fans and critical acclaim, setting the band up for greater heights in the process. The question was, could they keep the quality quota as high on the next one and deliver on the promise they’d shown?


The following year’s “Doolittle” was overseen by Gil Norton, who gave their sound a more polished sheen but managed to retain the righteous rock fury at which they excelled.

It’s a ferocious beast of a record with guitars thrashing and crashing about all over the place, a superbly inventive rhythm section and some fine harmonies from Kim Deal. Black Francis (a.k.a Frank Black) also turns in a simply amazing performance, using every vocal trick he possessed. He screeches, he screams, he wails, he whispers and, heck, he even croons at times!

It was an important record in itsPixies-Doolittle time and a real influence on a certain Kurt Cobain when he came to record “Nevermind,” a release you may well have heard of. One of the most important records of its genre in fact, though just what that genre may be is another poser, Rock,? Punk,? Surf ,? New Wave,? Alternative,? take your pick, it’s all here and it’s all good!

Close your eyes and pick a song, any song, it’ll be a good un but special mention simply must go to the three absolute classics herein, namely “Debaser,” “Monkey Gone To Heaven” and “Here Comes Your Man”, each and every one a contender for “Best Track Of The 80’s,” yes, they’re that good.

“Doolittle” now stands as one of the greatest albums of its time, one which attracts new devotees with every year that passes and which easily retains the loyalty of the old guard.

A seminal release.

Stephen Dalrymple, Glasgow, Scotland

Track Listing

All tracks were written by Black Francis, except where noted.

  1. “Debaser” – 2:52
  2. “Tame” – 1:55
  3. “Wave of Mutilation” – 2:04
  4. “I Bleed” – 2:34
  5. “Here Comes Your Man” – 3:21
  6. “Dead” – 2:21
  7. “Monkey Gone to Heaven” – 2:56
  8. “Mr. Grieves” – 2:05
  9. “Crackity Jones” – 1:24
  10. “La La Love You” – 2:43
  11. “No. 13 Baby” – 3:51
  12. “There Goes My Gun” – 1:49
  13. “Hey” – 3:31
  14. “Silver” (Francis, Kim Deal) – 2:25
  15. “Gouge Away” – 2:4


  • Black Francis – vocals, guitar
  • Kim Deal – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Joey Santiago – lead guitar
  • David Lovering – drums

Posted by Stephen Dalrymple
I was so much older then , i'm younger than that now.........

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  1. Mary Flasche Flaschemom@att.net (16 Dec 2010, 13:56)

    Since Sept. 13th, when I saw the Pixies here in Atlanta, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by without me playing one of thier CD’s…
    Right now I am wearing Pixies garb and going to turn on Doolittle. Love is grand with the Pixies in it!

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