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Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Eva Cassidy’s, Songbird.

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this young lady. I’m asking you to please read her story and listen to her music.

Eva Cassidy has, quite possibly, the best voice I’ve ever heard on a woman pop singer.

A few years back I was unaware of her. Then on a slow news night, ABC’s Nightline, did a feature on this young lady named Eva Cassidy. She was a singer songwriter from Washington D.C. She had released a couple of albums on a tiny local label that never really did much. (Note: I’ve posted the NightLine episode below. It’s really a great watch)

In 1996 she passed away after a battle with cancer.

A year or so later, a disc jockey ineva_cassidy_narrowweb__200x259 the UK began spinning her records and suddenly her music became huge overseas. They couldn’t get enough of it. So her label began releasing what they could. A demo here, a live show here etc etc. Most of the music released were cover tunes since they were taken from small café shows. But her vocals on tracks like Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold,’ Paul Simon’s ‘American Tune’ or Christine McVie ‘Songbird’ are just breathtaking.

I looked on YouTube and was able to find that full Nightline piece. Look for it below and watch it. It’s quite amazing.

I’m featuring her album called ‘Songbird’ here. But also look for other catalog items. A jazzy ‘Live at the Blue Note is also a keeper.

— Larry Carta 

Track Listing

  1. “Fields of Gold” –  Sting 4:42
  2. “Wade in the Water” –  Traditional  4:02
  3. “Autumn Leaves” –  Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer, Jacques Prévert 4:41
  4. “Wayfaring Stranger” – Traditional  4:26
  5. “Songbird” – Christine McVie  3:43
  6. “Time Is a Healer” – Diane Scanlon, Greg Smith 4:16
  7. “I Know You By Heart” – Eve Nelson, Scanlon 3:59
  8. “People Get Ready” –  Curtis Mayfield  3:16
  9. “Oh, Had I a Golden Thread” – Pete Seeger 4:49
  10. “Over the Rainbow” –  Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg 4:57


  • Eva Cassidy guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Chris Biondo bass, guitar
  • Dan Cassidy violin
  • Hilton Felton organ
  • John Gillespie organ
  • Keith Grimes guitar
  • Raice McLeod drums
  • Larry Melton upright bass
  • Mike Stein violin
  • Chris Walker trumpet
  • Lenny Williams piano
  • Kent Wood organ

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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Cathy Brown (02 Feb 2012, 18:57)

    thanks for that. amazing.

  2. Bill (02 Feb 2012, 20:06)

    The greats are only here for a short time, aren’t they? When will the record labels learn that it’s not always about pop music? So nice to know that so many people recognized her talent, even if the labels wouldn’t. R.I.P. you songbird.

  3. Lisa (03 Feb 2012, 3:06)

    just wow, heard fields of gold before, but when I heard people get ready…nice. Thanks for posting

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