Skeeter Davis and NRBQ “She Sings,They Play”

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#259 in the Series) is Skeeter Davis and NRBQ, She Sings, They Play.

I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t find more videos for this album. This one is really special to me.

NRBQ is one of my favorite all time bands. I love when bands do something totally out of their element. That’s what we have here.

Skeeter Davis was a country/pop star from the early to mid-sixties. She was best known for the huge hit she had in 1963 called ‘The End of the World.”

NRBQ has often been called the world’s best bar band or world’s best garage band etc. They were much more than that. Some of their fans include Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, Pat Metheny, R.E.M., Bonnie Raitt and Dave Edmunds. The last two both have recorded one of NRBQ.’s most well known tracks, “Me and the Boys.”  For awhile they were the ‘house band’ on the Simpsons (appearing animated and also live) and were even zombies in the movie,  “Day of the Dead.”

Together they recorded She Sings, They Play (1985) which is a wonderful album that showcases Skeeter’s Beautiful voice over their fantastic playing. The songs were pretty much just nice, no frills pop tunes.  But they were done so with such an innocent feeling that they made for a great album.  In the video playlist I’ve included a super rendition of the classic Disney tune, “Some Day My Prince Will Come” and the albums opening number “Things to you.” Listen for Al Anderson’s nice hallow body guitar sound on “Prince!”

This is one of those ‘you got to be in the mood for it’ albums.  But it’s perfect when you are.

Track Listing

  1. Things To You – 3:03
  2. Everybody Wants A Cowboy –  2:33
  3. I Can’t Stop Loving You Now – 3:05
  4. Heart To Heart – 2:33
  5. Ain’t Nice To Talk Like That – 2:36
  6. Everybody’s Clown – 1:51
  7. Someday My Prince Will Come – 2:49
  8. How Many Tears –  2:09
  9. You Don’t Know What You Got Til You Lose It – 3:26
  10. Roses On My Shoulder – 2:47
  11. Temporarily Out Of Order – 2:50
  12. May You Never Be Alone –  2:55


  • Donn Adams – Trombone

    Skeeter and husband, NRBQ's Joey Spampinato

  • Terry Adams (NRBQ) –  Harpsichord, Piano, Vocals
  • Al Anderson (NRBQ)- Guitar, Vocals
  • Tom Ardolino (NRBQ)- Drums
  • Skeeter Davis – Liner Notes, Vocals
  • Buddy Emmons – Pedal Steel
  • Larry Packer – Violin
  • Joey Spampinato (NRBQ) – Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals



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