Captain Beyond "Sufficiently Breathless"

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Captain Beyond, Sufficiently Breathless.

I’m taking a slight step in a different direction today. Let me admit that I really only know pretty much one song on this album. But the title track was such a huge FM hit hear in Chicago in the early 70’s that it’s stillworth entry.

Our group is far more than just Chicago at this point. So I’m curious if our out of town members also remember this song (album, band) from that era.

The title track is the one that got all the play, “Sufficiently Breathless.”

Captain Beyond, “Sufficiently Breathless” peak at #90 on the Billboard Top 100 Album chart.


  • Lee Dorman – bass guitar
  • Rhino – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
  • Rod Evans – lead and harmony vocals
  • Marty Rodriguez – drums, backup vocals
  • Reese Wynans – electric piano, acoustic piano
  • Guille Garcia – congas, timbales, percussion
  • Paul Hornsby – organ on “Starglow Energy”

Track listing

Side one

  1. “Sufficiently Breathless” – 5:15
  2. “Bright Blue Tango” – 4:11
  3. “Drifting in Space” – 3:12
  4. “Evil Men” – 4:51

Side two

  1. “Starglow Energy” – 5:04
  2. “Distant Sun” – 4:42
  3. “Voyages of Past Travellers” – 1:46
  4. “Everything’s a Circle” – 4:14

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  1. Russell Dean (18 Mar 2011, 11:55)

    The rest of this album is very good – I was just listening to it a couple nights ago wondering why more people dont know about it..

    The Title song is the softest of the bunch, after that the band gets into a sound that almost seems like a cross between Santana & Pink Floyd (Heavy Guitar parts, lots of keys, steady conga percussion & spacy jams) – my favorite songs are Bright Blue Tango & Everything is a Circle but the whole album is good (every song has something to offer).

    I also have their first album and this one is quite a departure – that one being more of a Hard Rock effort. Captain Beyond was quite an original band and a good one – its a shame they dont get more recognition because I think a lot of people who like this kind of music would really get into them.

    The lead singer previously was in Deep Purple (you hear his pipes on their hit Hush).

  2. Arnold (01 Sep 2012, 13:05)

    I really agree
    This is one of my top 10 album ever, between much more famous bands
    Maybe their later hard rock style have made this album stumble in the middle but as a rock album all song really has a unique genuine flavor, in fact as album never been made since the 90s
    Even if it is in general straight rock it has a mystic flavor that really reminds of the early 70,s and that post hippie feeling still turns me on

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