“Cool Album of the Day” Announces Distribution Agreement with MOG

Posted 09 Mar 2011 in Music + TV News

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Besides some ‘hopefully’ interesting write ups and video playlists, we’re also looking to bring you other musical ‘goodies.’ Well, I’m going to have a hard time topping this one. Check out MOG. With a free 14 day trail, you get FREE unlimited downloads to mobile for 14 days. 10 million songs to choose from!!! So you can add all this stuff we talk about for nothing.

After the free trial you can roll into one of two plans. $5 per month for all you can download and listen to via your computer. $10 per month for all you can download and listen to per month via your mobile. So for what you’d be paying to download one album in a month you can listen download and listen all day.  New releases are available the day they’re released as well. There’s no 28 day delay like some sites. You’ll have them immediately here!

There is also a ‘Pandora’ style radio player included with your trial and the price of your plan. You can also build personal playlists with songs that you’ve downloaded.

iPhones, iTunes and Android are all supported.

Quality is high!  MOG uses 320 kbps downloads and 64 kbps streams.

I’m listening to the new R.E.M. album, Collapse Into Now. I want see if it’s as good as I’ve been reading!

MOG recently won the 2010 Billboard Magazine for Best Streaming App.

MOG was recently listed as a Top 50 site by Time Magazine!.

What They’re Saying

“I could see myself opening up my wallet to MOG each month… MOG won me over with its trove of songs, ease of use and design sense.”

“We’ve been testing various builds of the iPhone app over the last few weeks and it blows Pandora and all others out of the water. Music junkies, this is the app for you.”

“This app impressed us over four months ago… and now that we’ve tested the app in its natural environment, it’s hard to find much fault with it.”

We hope you give the free 14 day trial a go. You’re under NO obligation. It will cost you nothing for 14 days of great musical listening. Nearly every album in print is available!!!!!

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