Sugar Lime Blue, “Far From The Tree”

By Larry Carta, March 13, 2011

One of the best parts about publishing this website is getting turned onto new bands, new albums, new music.

Today I’m going to spotlight a new album by a band from Nashville, Tn. Let me introduce you to Ashley Beth, Dave Beth, Al Plourde, Russ Dean and Dan Leveillee. Collectively, they’re known as Sugar Lime Blue.

Yes, I indeed did mention Nashville. However this is not a country act.  Sit back, close your eyes and think about artists like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Edie Brickell and even Renaissance’s Annie Haslam. Now mix them  in with R & B acts Al Green, Bill Withers, maybe some Otis etc. Ok, now you have the idea!

Ashley Beth

Their album is called Far From the Tree.  That’s also the title cut and one of the best tracks on the disc. My personal favorite found here is “Go Home.”  After speaking to Dave, he informed me that that is the song that radio have taken to also. Would that be one of those “Great Minds, etc. “ type of moments!

“Talkin’ to Yourself” is another song worth highlighting. It’s got a great light groove. I’ve added a video playlist below so you can listen to a few of these tracks. You’ll find the promotional video for “Go Home” along with “Talkin’ to Yourself.”

As a bonus, I’ve added a recent video of  Ashley and Dave bringing us an acoustic version on “Go Home” from a television broadcast.

Sugar Lime Blue, Far From the Tree with its nice laid back groove to it. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Look for the links below as well. The bands website is one of the better ones around. Make a visit! (See link below)

Track Listing

  1. Far From the Tree 03:54
  2. The Breeze 03:05
  3. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 04:59
  4. Go Home 03:49
  5. Talkin’ To Yourself 03:41
  6. No Road Back To Texas 03:56
  7. Fools 04:38
  8. I Don’t Have To Explain Myself 05:50
  9. Happiness Falls 04:33
  10. If You Owned the Moon 04:17
  11. It Ain’t Easy 04:00
  12. One More Tomorrow 05:18


  • Ashley Beth – Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Dave Beth – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Russ Dean – Bass Guitar
  • Al Plourde – Keys
  • Dan Leveillee – Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Mike Adams – Drums / Bass on Track #4

Additional Personnel

  • Junior Padilla – Drums and Percussion
  • Eric Johnson – Bass
  • Josh Thamm – Bass
  • Victoria Beth – Backing Vocals


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