Ministry “Twitch”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#343 in the Series) is Ministy, Twitch

Ministry was quite the big deal in Chicagoland in the early 80s. They released a number singles and EPs while still a club band.  Some of them got them some nice air-play.  It was big news when they signed with Arista and and in 1983 when they pumped out their debut album, With Sympathy?  Supposedly, band leader Alain Jourgensen was never happy with that album.  Maybe he was trying to tell us something with that title?  Me, I loved With Sympathy. I don’t think they ever released a better album.

After its release, Jourgensen had an ugly break up with Arista. He turned Ministry into a solo act as he ‘somewhat’ cut ties with Stephen George, his longtime band mate.  (George still would contribute to future projects.)

For some time we didn’t hear anything new from Ministry. Then in late 1984 and 1985 we started to hear a few singles being released again.  One of them, “(Every Day is) Halloween did quite well as did the follow up “All Day.”  But still no record deal.

In 1986 that changed. Ministry signed with Warner Brothers and Al was back in the ballgame. This time around with a label that wouldn’t be as controlling, and he’d now be allowed to release his music, his way.

The first album would be Twitch. Twitch had a much harder edge than With Sympathy.  It was a huge step towards the metal – industrial sound that the band would become known for in future years.  Here it is..

Track listing

All songs are written by Alain Jourgensen.

Side One

  1. “Just Like You” 5:03
  2. “We Believe” 5:56
  3. “All Day Remix”  6:03
  4. “The Angel” 6:06

Side Two

  1. “Over the Shoulder” 5:13
  2. “My Possession”  5:05
  3. “Where You At Now? / Crash & Burn / Twitch” (Version II)  12:15



  • Alain Jourgensen – vocals (1-6), programming, production & engineering (3, 7a, 7b)

Additional personnel

  • Patty Jourgensen – additional vocals (3, 4)
  • Brad Hallen – bass (3)
  • Stephen George – percussion (3)
  • Luc van Acker – vocals (7a)


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BONUS VIDEO: (Every Day) is Halloween

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